Contact the NYS Regents!
Tell them to consider recommendations from UUP/NYSUT/PSC-CUNY
on SED's flawed teacher certification tests!

Please call and email the New York State Board of Regents and urge them to discuss and enact recommendations from UUP, NYSUT and PSC/CUNY
on the State Education Department's deeply flawed teacher certification exams. The Regents are set to discuss SED's flawed teacher certification exams at their May 18-19 meeting.

New York State Regents contact information

This list contains the names, phone numbers and email addresses for members of the state Board of Regents. Please contact the Regent that represents your community.

Recommendations to the Board of Regents from NYSUT, UUP and PSC on the New Teacher Certification Exams

This is a list of recommendations from the UUP/NYSUT/PSC coalition regarding the State Education Department's flawed teacher certification exams. Please ask the Regents to fully address these issues at their meeting April 13-14.

NYSUT/UUP/PSC-CUNY Transition Plan

This document fully explains the coalition's recommendations for SED's exams for initial teacher certification.