Teacher Education Task Force

UUP reacts to SED redactions in Pearson contract

UUP reacts to SED redactions in Pearson pact for teacher certification tests

More than 70 percent of SED's contract with education giant Pearson Inc. obtained by UUP through a FOIL request is censored.
Investigate Pearson's Teacher Certification Exams!

Investigate Pearson's Teacher Certification Exams!

In a new report, UUP calls on the state Board of Regents and SED to investigate teacher certification tests created by corporate education giant Pearson, Inc.
Why I Refused the Tests

The Reluctant Activist, or Why I Refused the Tests

UUPer Sara DiDonato explains her thoughtful decision to not allow her children to take the state Common Core standardized tests.
SED's tall tales

SED's tall tales

VPA Jamie Dangler points out contraditions in the State Education Department's statements regarding its high-stakes teacher certification process.
Statement and Recommendations from NYS Board of Regents edTPA Task Force Members

Statement & Recommendations from union members on the NYS Board of Regents edTPA Task Force

Read the long-awaited study.
UUP press release

UUP blasts SED college-specific data on teacher certification exams

The data aren’t valid indicators of student performance and teacher education programs.

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Statement and Recommendations from union members on the NYS Board of Regents edTPA Task Force
Click Here for report summary
Click Here for report
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To represent UUP on the NYSUT Teacher/School Leader Preparation Workgroup, monitor changes in Teacher Education program requirements, monitor New York State directives and proposals for Teacher Education programs, assist in developing UUP responses to State Education Department proposals and initiatives through recommendations to the President for UUP, and assess the impact of changes in Teacher Education programs on UUP members.

UUP is an affiliate of New York State United Teachers (NYSUT). The UUP Teacher Education Task Force is part of the NYSUT Teacher/School Leader Preparation Work Group. Through participation in the NYSUT Work Group, UUP members have opportunities to share information and engage in collaborative work with NYSUT officers and staff, as well as members of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC), which represents faculty and staff at the City University of New York (CUNY).

Committee Chair: Jamie Dangler
UUP Vice-President for Academics

Why the task force is important?

The Task Force serves as UUP’s organizational focus, connecting members from across the state in a broader effort to address Teacher Education issues. Academics and professionals involved in SUNY teacher preparation programs work together to:

Share information and ideas

Provide input to the leadership of UUP/NYSUT for the development of official communications, proposals, strategies, and action plans to address teacher education issues

Serve as liaisons between the UUP leadership and our members at the chapter level

Participate in meetings with State and SUNY officials

Disseminate information about opportunities to participate in state-level or national discussions, comment periods, or other forums for input.