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UPDATED JAN. 5, 2012

Negotiations to Resume in January

UUP’s Negotiations Team will resume contract talks with the State on January 11, with additional sessions scheduled this month through February.

All UUP proposals under 25 contract articles and 7 appendices opened for discussion were thoroughly presented to and discussed with the State during contract talks that began in August and continued through mid-December, 2011. The State's negotiators presented UUP with demands pertaining to Compensation (Article 20), Health Benefits (Article 39), and Duration (Article 55). They also proposed a new article on Deficit Reduction Leave (a term used in other bargaining unit agreements to denote furloughs), as well as additional non-monetary proposals that would fall under existing contract articles or appendices.

UUP’s contract is complex, with important monetary and non-monetary items of great concern to our membership. January talks with the State will continue the process of hammering out the details of a potential new agreement.

Other State Employee Union Contracts

The PBA of NYS (Police Benevolent Association), which recently replaced Council 82 as the collective bargaining unit for 1,200 Forest Rangers and University, Park, and Environmental Police, reached a tentative agreement with the State in December. As reported in previous updates, the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) and Public Employees Federation (PEF) ratified new contracts in 2011. NYSCOPBA (New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association), which represents over 23,000 state employees, will also be negotiating a new contract.

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Information related to contract negotiations will be posted on this site as it develops. For further information contact Jamie Dangler (contract@uupmail.org).

Chief Negotiator: Jamie Dangler
UUP Vice-President for Academics
Email: contract@uupmail.org

Associate Chief Negotiator: Mike Smiles
UUP Statewide Executive Board Member and Farmingdale UUP Chapter Executive Board Member.

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