November 1, 2012

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Message from UUP President Phil Smith


It's trite but true: This election hinges on our individual votes!

On a national level, the stakes are high--the future of Medicare, education funding, a woman's right to control her own health care decisions, and the fundamental right to collective bargaining is ALL on the line!

To put a number on it, we could see a crippling 9% across-the-board cut to education and other vital programs, should the national election go the wrong way. That's why it's so important to vote for President Obama and Congressional candidates who share our values and support our issues.

And here in NY, the stakes are equally high. State aid freezes and budget cuts have been devastating to our K-12 colleagues, as well as those of us in SUNY. Indeed, NYSUT data shows a loss of 30,000 jobs in K-12. I've already alerted you to the unprecedented number of non-renewals and retrenchments we've experienced in the SUNY state-ops.

Think of it...the attacks on retirement security, health benefits, and labor rights will only get worse if the anti-worker candidates, supported largely by right wing corporate groups, gain a majority in our elected houses.

Every member of UUP was mailed the "NYSUT 2012 Election Guide." Please take a moment to read it. Also,please visit for a list of endorsed candidates.

I know that many of you already have contributed to the election effort by engaging in phone banks, labor walks, neighborhood canvases, and volunteering for individual campaign. And I thank you for that!

But...I ask that you do one more thing: Please reach out member-to-member (or neighbor-to-neighbor) and ask others near you to vote next Tuesday, November 6th. I especially THANK YOU for doing that.

In Union...


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