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Gov. signs UUP pay bill

Contract implementation to proceed

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed UUP’s contract pay bill Sept. 6, paving the way for full implementation of all provisions in the new contract

Now that the pay bill is signed, SUNY will proceed with an implementation memo that gives direction and clarification to campus administrations. UUP has been informed that SUNY System Administration has a meeting scheduled for early October with campus human resources personnel to discuss contract details.

UUP will announce specific implementation dates for each contract item once they have been set. Monetary items that can now be implemented include the following:

  • 2013 $500 on-base salary increase for all UUP members, pro-rated for part-time employees.
  • On-base $500 Service Awards for permanent appointment and continuing appointment (tenure) or a second five-year term appointment for professionals in Appendix A titles, from 2011 forward.
  • On-base $500 Service Awards for members who have reached seven years of service in full-time lecturer, Appendix B-4 Division III athletics, and Appendix C fundraising titles (to continue going forward).
  • $500 not-on-base Service Award for part-time employees who reached eight years of service from 2011 forward.
  • Discretionary Salary Awards for full-time and part-time members that must be distributed by December 2013.
  • UUP grant programs, such as Individual Development Awards and other programs.

Implementation procedures and dates for all new contract provisions must be clarified by SUNY for the campuses. These include an expansion of on-call/recall eligibility for professionals, campus plans for giving members two days off for the Deficit Reduction Program, and ensuring that part-time members with four semesters of consecutive service are in term appointments.

Additional new contract provisions include allowance of up to 15 sick days for adoption and foster care, clarification of and grievance possibilities for violation of evaluation and promotion procedures for professionals (including performance program requirements), a new class-action grievance procedure, access to all materials in members’ official personnel files, and ability of members in all professional salary levels to apply for early permanence.

The state implemented the health insurance increases in our Aug. 28 paychecks and will begin the Deficit Reduction pay extraction in the next paycheck.

UUP conducted extensive contract implementation training for chapter presidents and vice presidents at a meeting Aug. 18. NYSUT labor relations specialists assigned to UUP will assist chapter leaders in labor/management discussions, and other actions that must be taken at the chapter level, in order to ensure that UUP members’ contractual protections and benefits are fully realized.

Members can address questions to UUP at contract@uupmail.org or call (800) 342-4206.

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