Oct. 17 2016

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UUPers work for Clinton in Pennsylvania

uupdate 10-17-16

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UUP members from chapters across the state gave up a sunny October weekend to head to Pennsylvania and help get out the vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

More than a dozen UUPers joined hundreds of unionists who fanned out in parts of the Keystone State Oct. 15-16 to urge voters to cast their ballots for Clinton and local Democrats on Nov. 8.

“Donald Trump must be defeated in the presidential election,” said UUP President Fred Kowal, who spent the weekend canvassing for Clinton in working-class neighborhoods in Erie, Penn. “There is far too much at stake to allow a man of his ilk to lead this country. Nailing down votes for Mrs. Clinton in an important swing state like Pennsylvania is time well spent.”

uupdate 10-17-16

“I’m proud that UUP had such a strong showing in Pennsylvania,” said statewide Treasurer Rowena Blackman-Stroud, who attended an AFT-sponsored get-out-the-vote event Oct. 15 in Philadelphia. “We believe that we’re stronger together, and that’s why we’re with Hillary Clinton.” Blackman-Stroud, second from right, is pictured with AFT President Randi Weingarten, left, and Downstate Chapter member Natalie Baker, right.

Kowal, statewide Membership Development Officer Tom Hoey, and Tom Tucker, Buffalo Center chapter president and a UUP Negotiations Team member, spent two days in Erie—on their own dime—working for votes for Clinton. They were joined Oct. 15 by Empire State College Chapter President Pamela Malone, ESC member Jacqui Berger and Buffalo Center Chapter member Fred Floss.

Blackman-Stroud and Baker joined hundreds of unionists in West Philadelphia. Weingarten and NEA President Lily Eskelsen García spoke at a morning rally that also included speeches by AFSCME President Lee Saunders and local candidates.

“Trump claiming victimhood takes chutzpah to a new level," said Weingarten, in an Oct. 15 Philadelphia news story. "Donald, I don't think you are a victim. I think you are a fraud.”

“He is incapable of respect for women,” Garcia said of Trump.

uupdate 10-17-16

In Erie, UUPers left Clinton fliers at homes and chatted with dozens of residents in the city’s lower-income downtown neighborhoods, home to many former and retired auto and steel workers.

Some, like Ernest Catlan, above, an 87-year-old United Auto Workers retiree who joined the UAW in 1950, said he was for Clinton all the way. Tucker, left, shakes hands with Catlan, as Hoey looks on.

“She’ll be our voice, a voice for the middle class,” Catlan said.

Two streets over, a young woman asked Kowal for a Clinton lawn sign to put outside her house. So Kowal, Hoey and Tucker went back to campaign headquarters at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ Local 56 building in Erie, grabbed a sign and delivered it to her.

“People are whipped up about (Hillary Clinton) here,” said Tucker. “It’s great to see."

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