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UUP/NYS Contract


'03-'07 Contract Table of Contents

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  1. Recognition
  2. Unchallenged Representation
  3. Exclusive Negotiations
  4. Definitions
  5. Policies
  6. Benefits Preserved
  7. Grievance Procedure
    7.1 Purpose
    7.2 Definition
    7.3 Requirements for Filing Grievances
    7.4 Representation
    7.5 Procedures for Processing Grievances and Grievance Appeals
    7.6 Procedures Applicable to Grievance Steps
    7.7 Procedures Applicable to Arbitration
    7.8 Miscellaneous Provisions
    7.9 Applicability
  8. Labor-Management Meetings
  9. Academic Freedom
  10. No Discrimination
  11. Employee Organization Leave
    11.1 UUP Meetings
    11.2 Grievances
    11.3 Negotiations with the State
    11.4 Labor-Management Meetings
    11.5 Leaves for Union Activity
    11.6 Leaves for Chapter Officers
    11.7 General Provisions
  12. College Meeting Space
  13. Bulletin Boards
  14. Mail Distribution
  15. Payroll Deduction
  16. Lists
  17. Information and Data
  18. Board of Trustees’ Meetings
  19. Discipline
    19.1 Purpose
    19.2 Definitions
    19.3 Applicability
    19.4 Disciplinary Procedure
    19.5 Settlements
    19.6 Effect of Settlement and Arbitrator’s Award
    19.7 Suspension Before Notice of Discipline
    19.8 Representation
    19.9 Limitation
    19.10 Miscellaneous Provisions
  20. Direct Compensation
  21. Statewide Joint Labor-Management Committees
  22. Travel Allowances and Relocation Expenses
    22.1 Per Diem, Meal and Lodging Expenses
    22.2 Mileage Allowance
    22.3 Relocation Expenses
  23. Leaves
    23.1 Definitions
    23.2 Vacation Leave: Calendar Year Employees and College Year Employees
    23.3 Vacation Leave: Academic Year Employees
    23.4 Sick Leave
    23.5 Holiday Leave
    23.6 Sabbatical Leave
    23.7a. Other Leaves for Academic Employees
    23.7b. Leaves of Absence for Professional Employees
    23.8 Disability Leave
    23.9 Attendance Records
    23.10 Unauthorized Absence
    23.11 Absence Extraordinary Circumstances
    23.12 Limitations
  24. Access to Employees
  25. Compensation of Department Chairpersons
  26. Jury Service
  27. Professional Meetings
  28. Medical Assistance
  29. Clinical Practice
  30. Appointment, Evaluation and Promotion
  31. Personnel Files
  32. Notice of Non-Renewal
  33. Job Security Review Procedures
    33.1 Definitions
    33.2 Request for Reasons
    33.3 Response of College President
    33.4 Procedure for Review
    33.5 College Panel
  34. Transfer Rights
  35. Retrenchment
  36. Contracting Out
  37. Retirement Income Supplementation Programs
  38. Parking
  39. Health Insurance
  40. UUP Benefit Trust Fund
  41. Joint Committee on Health Benefits
  42. Professional Development Committee
  43. Safety and Health Committee
  44. Technology Committee
  45. Campus Grants Committee
  46. Family Benefits Programs/Work-Life Services
  47. Employee Assistance Program/Work-Life Services
  48. Housing and Meal Charges
  49. Program for Tuition Assistance
  50. Indemnification
  51. Savings Clause
  52. Management Rights
  53. Conclusion of Collective Negotiations
  54. Legislative Action
  55. Duration


Appendix A-1 Policies of the Board of Trustees
Appendix A-2 Employees’ Addresses
Appendix A-3 Parking
Appendix A-4 Consultation re: Article XI
Appendix A-5 Discretionary Meeting and Rosters
Appendix A-6 Retrenchment
Appendix A-7 Step 3 Grievances
Appendix A-8 Information and Data from SUNY
Appendix A-9 Clinical Practice Income
Appendix A-10 Clinical Practice Negotiations
Appendix A-11 Grievances Concerning Health Benefits Eligibility
Appendix A-12 Academic Review Commitee
Appendix A-13 Professional Evaluation
Appendix A-14 Categories of Colleges
Appendix A-15 Day After Thanksgiving
Appendix A-16 Recall Pay
Appendix A-17 Health Benefits Committee
Appendix A-18 Reference Compendium
Appendix A-19 Research Associates
Appendix A-20 Parking
Appendix A-21 Travel
Appendix A-22 Reallocation of Joint Committee Funds
Appendix A-23 Copyright
Appendix A-24 Union Access to E-mail
Appendix A-25 Domestic Partner Health Insurance Eligibility
Appendix A-26 Joint Health Benefits Committee
Appendix A-27 Memorandum of Understanding on Contracting Out
Appendix A-28 MOU Relating to Evaluation and Promotion for Professional Employees
Appendix A-29 Compensatory Time
Appendix A-30 Part-time Academic Issues
Appendix A-31 Executive Level Review of Salary Issues
Appendix A-32 Executive Level Review of Professional Issues
Appendix A-33 Presidential Discretion on Leave Accumulation/Weather Emergencies
Appendix A-34 Executive Level Review of Dedicated Recognition Devices
Appendix A-35 Executive Level Review of Work-Life Issues
Appendix A-36 Review of Space Available Educational Programs
Appendix A-37 Review of SUNY Hospital Issues
Appendix A-38 Computing Leave Credits
Appendix A-39 Positive Assurance Audits
Appendix A-40 Memorandum of Understanding on Clinical Practice Centralized Billing
Appendix A-41 Memorandum of Understanding on the New York State Theatre Institute
Appendix A-42 Leave for Pregancy, Childbirth, Adoption and Child Care
Appendix A-43 Offset of Outside Earnings




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