SUNY's public hospitals turn no one away, whether or not they can afford
                to pay for care.

                But Albany is refusing to pay tens of millions of dollars - in matching federal Disproportionate Share Program (DSH) funds - owed to the hospitals for
                providing that care.

                UUP, your union, needs your help! The future of SUNY's three public hospitals - SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Stony Brook University Hospital, and Upstate Medical University - is at risk!

                As UUP members and employees at these life-saving facilities, we need you to send e-letters to your state legislators and tell them to approve Assembly Bill AO3126 - which would require the state to pay federally mandated matching Disproportionate Share Program (DSH) funding to SUNY's teaching hospitals in full and without delay.

                A link to send an e-letter is below.

                Our hospitals depend on and desperately need these unpaid funds - which so far this year account for about $120 million - to continue to provide unique, critical health care services that many private hospitals don't offer because they are too costly to operate. These dollars are for health care that's already been provided to patients, and are owed to the hospitals.

                DSH monies also subsidize research and help fund the medical schools run by the hospitals. SUNY's state-operated medical schools are a pipeline for many of New York's primary care physicians and health specialists.

                Without DSH funding, our hospitals - and your jobs - are in jeopardy!

                Now is the time for all of us to step up and tell our state legislators - in a loud, unified voice - to do what's right for our students, our hospitals, our university and our union.


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