Public comment period on SUNY charter school proposal

The SUNY Charter School Committee is proposing to allow its charter schools in New York state to set up and operate their own teacher preparation programs and system for certification.

If this proposal is approved, it would allow charter school operators to:

        • Hire individuals to teach, even though they haven't completed the state's rigorous teacher certification exams.
        • Create their own, less stringent teacher preparation programs.

These subpar programs would fall far short of the state's teacher certification requirements and would fail to meet professional standards for curriculum, national accreditation, supervised student teaching, and other requirements.

Please speak out against this proposal, which would create a new, lower tier of teacher preparation and so-called "certification" for charter school teachers. To read SUNY's full charter school proposal go to "Links" at the bottom of this webpage.

The SUNY Charter School Committee has set up a 45-day comment period on the proposal.

You can submit your comments via email or U.S. Mail.


Click here to email comments to SUNY Charter School Institute.
Address comments to Ralph A. Rossi II, SUNY Charter Schools Institute.

U.S. Mail

Mail comments to: Ralph A. Rossi II, SUNY Charter Schools Institute, 41 State Street, Suite 700, Albany, New York 12207.

Problems with the charter school plan:

        • Runs contrary to the principles of SUNY's TeachNY initiative;
        • Ignores all that's been done to improve and enhance the state's teacher certification exams;
        • Rebuffs growing efforts to attract and retain more diverse, highly qualified teachers for all students;
        • and undermines the professional foundation of teacher preparation, including requirements for multiple levels of curriculum approval and national accreditation.

Voices in opposition

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