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          Janus v. AFSCME Council 31: What happened

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          On June 27, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Janus v. AFSCME Council 31. With its 5-4 decision, the court ruled that fair share fees (called agency fees in New York state) can no longer be collected from bargaining unit members who haven't joined the union.
          The decision became effective immediately.

          Q: I'm an agency fee payer. Will dues deductions still be taken from my paycheck?

          A: No. However, fee payers (non-members) can join or rejoin UUP at any time. If you or your colleagues have questions about the value of your union membership, call UUP's dedicated membership information line at 518-640-6678 to speak to a statewide officer or a UUP staff.

          Q: I'm a member. How does this court ruling impact me?

          A: In terms of your existing membership, very little. Our contract stays in place. We move forward. We unite and organize. We build our strength and fight against the injustice of this decision. We remain Union Strong.

          Q: What will the long-term impact of this decision be on me and on UUP?

          A: Unless our union remains strong, it will become increasingly difficult to effectively represent all bargaining unit members. Our power to negotiate contacts, salary increases and benefits will shrink, as will our ability to defend our colleagues on the job, and to successfully advocate for SUNY--our students, our patients, and our University. For this reason, we encourage each and every member to talk to your colleagues about staying Union Strong.

          Q: Who is really behind the attacks on unions?

          This is the latest attempt by corporate CEOs, the mega-rich, and wealthy special interest groups aligned with union-busting billionaires to break, split, damage and untimately decimate public sector unions nationwide. Their goal is to eliminate our right to unite as a labor union.

          Q: Can this actualy happen?

          A: It's happening now. Anti-union groups are using direct mail and phone campaigns--and even visiting union members at their homes--to urge workers to drop their union membership. These anti-union actions ultimately impact everyone. You, your family, and your community. We will fight back, uniting with our union for our families and our communities.

          The union is for all of us, and it will take all of us to keep this union - and all that it stands for - strong and able to sustain the impact of a Supreme Court ruling for Janus. We can do it together!

          If you haven't joined, please consider joining now!

          For more information, please contact UUP at 1-800-342-4206.

                  We have accomplished much together.

                  But we stand to lose these hard-fought gains unless we remain worker-strong.

                  At risk are:
                      • Fair and equitable increases in wages and benefits.
                      • High-quality health insurance coverage and affordable deductibles/copayments.
                      • Effective due-process protections.
                      • Protections for tenure/permanent appointment and academic freedom.
                      • The ability to defeat harmful anti-public higher ed and anti-union proposals to protect our university, our students, our work and our union.
                      • Professional and academic development programs (health, technology, retraining, affirmative action and individual and campus programs), funded by the union.

                  Stay union strong!

                    • Talk to each other: Member-to-member communication, speaking one-to-one with your colleagues at work, is the key.
                    • Share your Union Story: Your story may help someone else understand why it's so important to stand united. Share it on social media, at chapter events and in your community.
                    • Speak Up, Stand Up and Show Up: To fight power with unity, we need to speak up, stand up and show up--together.

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