UUP Communications Department

Personnel at Administrative Office

Telephone: 518-640-6600 or 800-342-4206
Fax: 518-640-6698 or 866-812-9446
UUP Benefit Fund 1-800-UUP-FUND (1-800-887-3863)



Email Address


President Frederick Kowal fkowal@uupmail.org 616
Vice President for Professionals Tom Tucker ttucker@uupmail.org 603
Vice President for Academics Jamie Dangler jdangler@uupmail.org 604
Secretary/ Treasurer of UUP Jeri O'Bryan-Losee jobryan@uupmail.org 602
Membership Development Officer Thomas C. Hoey thoey@uupmail.org 639


Director of Meetings and Travel Mary Bergquist mbergqui@uupmail.org 622
Executive Assistant Chrys Westcott cwestcot@uupmail.org 618
Administrative Services Secretary Kristen Plowman kplowman@uupmail.org 617
Administrative and Field Services Assistant Kenya Coleman kcoleman@uupmail.org 629
Receptionist Gail Williams gwilliam@uupmail.org 600
Mail Room Coordinator Nick Latal nlatal@uupmail.org 634

Organizing Department

Director Kristie Sammons ksammons@uupmail.org 642
Member Communications & Policy Associate Amy Sheldon asheldo@uupmail.org 627
Senior Organizer Robert Trimarchi rtrimarc@uupmail.org 649
Organizing Assistant Mary Becker mbecker@uupmail.org 615

Political Department

Political Director Daniel Brown dbrown@uupmail.org 627
Legislative Coordinator Celine Mell cmell@uupmail.org 643
Political Department Intern Kate Wood kate.wood@sunysa.org 609

Media & Publications

Director of Media & Publications Michael Lisi mlisi@uupmail.org 609
Associate Director of Media Relations and Publications Karen Mattison kmattiso@uupmail.org 626
Communications Specialist Darryl McGrath dmcgrath@uupmail.org 612
Communications Assistant Angell Villafane avillafa@uupmail.org 620

Field Services

Director of NYSUT Field Services for UUP Pat Domarantz pdomaratz@uupmail.org 614
Labor Relations Specialist Maureen Seidel mseidel@uupmail.org 624
Field Services Assistant Maureen Karius mkarius@uupmail.org 619


Director of Finance/Human Resources Tina George tgeorge@uupmail.org 608
Senior Accountant Joelsen Staley jstaley@uupmail.org 625
Accountant/Human Resources Associate Cindie Bayly cbayly@uupmail.org 635
Bookkeeper Laura Marino lmarino@uupmail.org 606

Information Technology

Director of Information Technology/Webmaster Luke Williams lwilliam@uupmail.org 631
Technology Associate Josh Sprague jsprague@uupmail.org 630

Member Benefits

Director of Member Benefits/Fund Administrator Doreen Bango dbango@uupbenefits.org 610
Benefit Fund Representative Kimberly Tiberio ktiberio@uupbenefits.org 607
Benefit Fund Representative Amber Barber abarber@uupbenefits.org 637
Benefit Fund Representative Regina Kane rkane@uupbenefits.org 641
Benefit Fund Representative Mary Jane Buda mbuda@uupbenefits.org 654
Benefit Fund Representative Gretchen Sarnowicz gsarnowi@uupbenefits.org 621
Benefit Fund Representative Mia Bango mbango@uupbenefits.org 636
Member Benefits Supervisor Karen Dombrowski kdombrow@uupbenefits.org 640
Membership/Eligibility Specialist Khalil Nehme knehme@uupbenefits.org 647
Retiree Member Services Coordinator Walter Apple wapple@uupbenefits.org 638
Member Benefits Fund Administrative Assistant Lisa McNeil lmcneil@uupbenefits.org 632
Benefit Trust Fund Clerk Dakota Billings dbillings@uupbenefits.org
Benefit Trust Fund Clerk Haley Ennis hennis@uupbenefits.org

Office of the President

Assistant to the President Lynn Alderman lalderma@uupmail.org 616
Counsel to the President Elizabeth Hough ehough@uupmail.org 613


Research and Policy Analyst Mary Taber mtaber@uupmail.org 623
Legislation Department Assistant Yvette Gedeon ygedeon@uupmail.org 628
UUP Legislative Intern Alex Hemmerstein ahemmerstein@uupmail.org



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