Personnel at Administrative Office

Telephone: 518-640-6600 or 800-342-4206
Fax: 518-640-6698 or 866-812-9446
UUP Benefit Fund 1-800-UUP-FUND (1-800-887-3863)

Kenya Coleman

Adminstrative and Field Services Assistant
ext. 629
Nick Latal

Mailing Services/Warehouse Coordinator
ext. 634
Kristen Plowman

Administrative Services Assistant
ext. 617
Tina Dukette

Executive Assistant
ext. 618
Gail Williams

ext. 600
Mary Bergquist

Director of Meetings/Travel
ext. 622
Field Services
Maureen Karius

Field Services Assistant
ext. 619
Pat Domaratz

NYSUT Regional Staff Director for UUP
ext. 614
Cindie Bayly

Accountant/Human Resources Associate
ext. 635
Tina George

Director of Finance/Human Resources
ext. 608
Laura Marino

ext. 606
Joelsen Staley

Senior Accountant
ext. 625
Information Technology
Josh Sprague

Information Technology Associate
ext. 630
Luke Williams

Director of Information Technology/Webmaster
ext. 631
Member Benefits
Walter Apple

Retiree Member Services Coordinator
ext. 638
Doreen Bango

Director of Member Benefits/Fund Administrator
ext. 610
Mia Bango

Benefit Fund Representative
ext. 636
Amber Barber

Benefit Fund Representative
ext. 637
Mary Jane Barber

Benefit Fund Representative
ext. 654
Karen Dombrowski

Member Benefits Supervisor
ext. 640
Haley Ennis

Benefit Fund Clerk
ext. ---
Regina Kane

Benefit Fund Representative
ext. 641
Lisa McNeil

Member Benefits Fund Administrative Assistant
ext. 632
Khalil Nehme

Membership/Eligibility Specialist
ext. 647
Dakota Roulhac

Benefit Fund Clerk
ext. 611
Gretchen Sarnowicz

Benefit Fund Representative
ext. 621
Kimberly Tiberio

Membership/Eligibility Specialist
ext. 607
Office of the President
Lynn Alderman

Executive Director of Administration/Assistant to the President
ext. 616
Elizabeth Hough

Counsel to the President
ext. 613
Mary Becker

Organizing Assistant
ext. 615
Kristie Sammons

Director of Organizing
ext. 642
Amy Sheldon

Member Communications & Policy Associate
ext. 627
Publications & Media Outreach
Mike Lisi

Director of Media Relations and Publications
ext. 609
Karen Mattison

Associate Director of Media Relations and Publications
ext. 626
Darryl McGrath

Communications Specialist
ext. 612
Angell Villafane

Communications and Research Assistant
ext. 620
Daniel Brown

Political Director
ext. 645
Yvette Gedeon

Legislation and Membership Development Assistant
ext. 628
Celine Mell

Legislative Coordinator
ext. 643
Mary Taber

Research and Policy Analyst
ext. 623
John M. Reilly Legislative Interns
Alex Hemmerstein

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