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2018 Legislative Agenda
2018 Academic Medical Centers brochure
2018 Educational Programs brochure
2018 EOP/EOC brochure
2018 Tech Sector brochure
2018 Legislative palm cards

2017 Legislative Agenda
2017 Legislative Agenda: Invest in SUNY Educational Programs
2017 Legislative Agenda: A Renewed Commitment to SUNY’s State-Operated Hospitals and Health Sciences Centers
2018 Legislative Agenda: Support SUNY Hospitals and Health Sciences Centers/Renewed Investment in SUNY’s State-Operated Campuses - palm cards

2016 Legislative Agenda
2016 Post-Budget Legislative Agenda - Talking Points
2016 Legislative Agenda - Talking Points
2016 Legislative Agenda - Talking points

2016 Palm Cards
2016 Post-Budget Legislative Agenda
Hospitals & HSCs
Invest in public higher education
Teacher Ed programs
Protection of Retirees

2016 Advocacy Fact Sheets
START-UP NY Brochure
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START UP NY Fact Sheet
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2015 Advocacy Brochures
"The Time is Now" Budget Fight Back Handout
Save Teacher Prep Programs Fact Sheet
Dangerous Territory: Private Equity—Wrong for New York State Hospitals
Performance Based Funding - An Unfair Share Fact sheet

2015 End of Session Advocacy Priorities
Post-Budget Legislative Talking Points
Post-Budget Palm Cards
2015 Enacted Budget Analysis
2015 Legislative Agenda
Outreach Presentation: UUP New Legislative Initiatives

2015 Palm Cards
Hospitals/Health Science Centers
Invest in Higher Education
UUP New Initiatives

2014 Advocacy
2014 UUP Activist Toolkit<
2014 VOTE-COPE Brochure

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