Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new UUP member and I understand that I have dental and vision coverage through the UUP Benefit Trust Fund. How do I get my dental and vision cards?

During your campus orientation you will receive a Benefit Trust Fund Enrollment card. Once this card has been filled out and received by the Fund we will contact both Delta Dental and Davis Vision with your information. Your dental and vision cards will then be mailed to your address on record in approximately two weeks.

How do I add my dependents?

During the initial orientation process, dependents are simply listed on the Benefit Trust Fund Enrollment card. If dependents are added later, the Benefit Trust Fund Change of Marital or Dependent Status card needs to be used. This card can be found here. Additionally, the appropriate legal documents (birth or marriage certificate, etc.) will need to be provided to add dependents outside of the original orientation period.

Does the UUP Benefit Trust Fund cover dependents up to age 26 for dental and vision benefits?

No, dependents are only covered up to age 25 for dental and vision benefits if there is a valid student verification on file for them.

Can I list more than one beneficiary for my Group Life Insurance policy?

Yes, you simply need to include all your requested beneficiaries on the UUP Group Life Insurance Beneficiary Card and send the card to the UUP Benefit Trust Fund.

My child just turned 19 and is currently a college student. How do I make sure that he is covered for dental and vision benefits under the UUP Benefit Trust Fund?

We will need to have a valid Benefit Trust Fund Student Verification form on file. Just go here, fill out the form, have it notarized and send it to the UUP Benefit Trust Fund. This form will need to be updated annually to ensure your dependent’s eligibility.

I will be going off payroll soon. I understand that I will be able to continue my UUP Benefit Trust Fund dental and vision benefits through COBRA? How long can I expect to have the COBRA coverage?

COBRA coverage is for 18 months for UUP members who leave employment.

I just moved and I was wondering how I can change my address and telephone number for my dental and vision benefits?

You just need to fill out the Benefit Trust Fund/UUP Member Change of Address card. This card can be found here. Fill it, and send it into the UUP Benefit Trust Fund and we will make sure that your new information is sent to Delta Dental and Davis Vision.

I was interested in purchasing more life insurance? Can I do this through the UUP Benefit Trust Fund?

No, but you can purchase additional life insurance through our affiliate – NYSUT. Just call 800-626-8101 and they will be able to answer all your questions.

How do I add my domestic partner to my dental and vision benefits?

This process must be directed through your campus Health Benefits Administrator (HBA). Your HBA will have you fill out the appropriate paperwork which will then be sent to the New York State Dept. of Civil Service. Once Civil Service processes the paperwork they will send the UUP Benefit Trust Fund a report from which we will add your domestic partner to your benefits.

I retired from SUNY Stony Brook early last year and have just finished my 18 months of COBRA coverage for dental and vision benefits. What happens now?

If you retired as a UUP member you are eligible to join the UUP Retiree Dental and or Vision plans. Just call 800-342-4206 and ask for the Retiree Coordinator for additional information.

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