Legislation FAQ's

Q. Where can I find UUP's Legislative Agenda?

A. It is updated by the Outreach Committee and approved by the Executive Board annually. The UUP Outreach Committee and the Legislation Department put together a Political Action Manual that contains information on New York State politics, UUP's legislation agenda and UUP's Albany and district lobbying campaigns. UUP members can obtain a copy of the Political Action Manual by calling the UUP main office.

Q. Where can I find information on my state representatives?

A. The UUP Legislation Department can assist you with information on your state representatives. We maintain a legislative database with local and Albany addresses and telephone numbers for all the members of the New York State Legislature. To contact your representatives, you may use the UUP Web site (https://uupinfo.org). Click on Call to Action. You can then follow the simple directions on the screen to fax letters to representatives or the governor regarding a number of issues relevant to UUP members. You simply type in your zip code and select the letters relevant to higher education.

Q. How else could I contact my representatives

A. One of the best ways to contact your representatives is through the State Assembly, State Senate or Congressional Web sites. The Assembly and Senate both have an online version of their directories (http://www.nyassembly.gov) (https://www.nysenate.gov/senators-committees). If you know the name of the legislator you wish to contact, you may click on his or her name and you will see his or her district, a bio, committee assignments and other important information. To contact your local member of the U.S. Congress, you may visit (www.senate.gov) or (www.house.gov). Some members of Congress have Web pages, while others have only a directory listing.

Q. How do I get a copy of pending legislation in New York State?

A. For information on bills in the New York State Legislature, you can call the Legislation Department, which has access to this information through the New York State Bill Search. You can also check the Assembly and State Senate Web sites. For Congressional legislation, both the House and Senate have links for researching bills on their Web sites. You may also use the Web site Thomas for national legislative information, which gives you access to the Congressional Record and other congressional information (thomas.loc.gov).

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