The financial family is responsible for account, reimbursement and budget analysis of the hospital. It performs the necessary maintenance functions to general ledger and various financial reports with qualitative and quantitative comments.

T.H. Supervising Financial Analyst: (SL-5)

Supervises the professional staff and reports to the Director. Coordinates and acts as liaison between the Department and other Hospital Finance Departments, and other functional areas of the Hospital. Additional responsibilities would include timely interface of financial data to the general ledger in order to facilitate the production of financial statements, as well as financial summaries for distribution to all Hospital departments. Ensures the integrity and reasonableness of financial information and proper retention of financial records for audit and contract purposes. Supplies the proper assistance to the various audit groups which may reside in the finance areas during the course of the year. Complies with regulatory agencies and the reporting requirements thereof.

Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelorís degree in Accounting or Finance. MBA in Finance (Accounting) preferred. At least six (6) years relevant experience to include two (2) to four (4) years in a supervisory/administrative capacity. Thorough knowledge of microcomputers and mainframe systems.


State Title Code: 3744130

SUNY Title Code: 3550

Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Senior Financial Analyst: (SL-4)

Performs similar duties and responsibilities to Financial Analyst. Additional responsibilities would include knowledge of in-house systems and report writing capabilities. Also, participation in the recruitment process for replacement of staff and senior financial analysts. Implementation of new system or upgrades to current system would also be responsibility of this level. Maintains the overall state-of-the-art function within the hospital as it relates to other health care organizations and may represent the department at meetings and conferences with the general public.

Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelorís degree in accounting, Economics, Management and/or Finance. Minimum of four (4) years relevant experience and advanced knowledge of microcomputer and mainframe system.


State Title Code: 3744410

SUNY Title Code: 3551

Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Financial Analyst: (SL-3)

Direct and specific areas of responsibility which encompass the complete spectrum of financial transactions regarding same. May prepare monthly and year-end journal entries and assistance to outside CPA firm during the audit, and additional assistance to department during audit season as necessary. Full theoretical understanding of general ledger activity and financial reporting. Specific knowledge of financial principles and their application to the health care industry within the N.Y.S. system. Appointee should be proficient in all areas of functional responsibilities. Work involves analytical and problem-solving skills requiring moderate independent judgement; final approval rests with higher authority. Prepares operational reports which may impact hospital finances. Leadership limited to fulfilling daily work assignments or carrying out projects; regular contact with clerical staff and other finance related areas, occasional but limited outside contacts.

Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelorís degree in Accounting, Economics, Management and/or Finance. Two (2) to four (4) years of relevant experience and proficient use of microcomputers and mainframe systems.


State Title Code: 3744040

SUNY Title Code: 3552

Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Staff Financial Analyst: (SL-2)

Possess a general knowledge of the basics in the financial field. Under direct supervision, may perform routine monthly reconciliations and analyses for internal and external purposes, and monthly statistical gathering and analysis. Proficient in one or more areas of functional responsibility. Within standard practice, judgement would be required to solve specific job problems. Leadership or contact responsibility is limited to assisting others in their functions. Assists in other special projects as necessary. Appointees typically serve in this capacity for at least two (2) years while gaining experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelorís degree in Accounting, and basic knowledge of microcomputers.


State Title Code: 3744413

SUNY Title Code: 3553

Revised: 10/1/87


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