As a family, these positions function to provide genetic services, to elicit and interpret genetic and family histories and understand the medical aspects of genetic diseases through an adequate grasp of genetic and mathematical principles needed for pedigree analysis and duration of risk estimate.

T.H. Senior Genetic Counselor (SL-3)

Responsible for the coordination and participation in care and counseling of patients for prenatal diagnosis, general genetics, genetic screening, teratogenic exposure, and multiple miscarriages. May participate in specialty clinics as desired. Interacts with other departments within University Hospital and community physicians. Supervises genetic counseling activities as well as medical students and fellows, and support staff.

Preferred Qualifications:

Masterís degree in Human Genetics. Board Certification by American Board of Medical Genetics required. Three (3) years experience in a full service genetic unit is desirable.


State Title Code: 3744411

SUNY Title Code: 3481

Revised: 07/01/89


T.H. Genetic Counselor (SL-2)

Participates in the care and counseling of patients with regards to prenatal diagnosis, genetic screening, and multiple miscarriages. Elicits pertinent patient information, informing the patient of genetic risks and assists his superior in reaching appropriate diagnosis. Anticipates situations of difficulty and conflict, helping families to cope with emotional psychological needs. May perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Genetic Counselor and/or M.D. .

Preferred Qualifications

Masterís Degree in Human Genetics with an internship in an accredited training program for genetic counseling and American Board of Medical Genetics eligibility in Genetic Counseling.


State Title Code: 3744305

SUNY Title Code: 3482

Revised: 7/01/89

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