Documents information flow and work flow in existing or proposed manual or computer-based systems for the purpose of measuring its impact on existing operating costs or estimating expected future costs, and recommending the most efficient and effective utilization of staff and materials.

T.H. Director of Management Engineering: (SL-6)

Directs the total operations of the department in the assessment of managerial problems and formulation of project objects. Has overall responsibility for the development, planning and implementation of department policy and procedure. Identifies staffing needs; develops and manages the decision support systems aimed at problem identification, planning support, productivity improvement, decision making and cost improvement; measures the impact of proposed solutions on existing operating costs and estimates expected future cost; administers all management aspects of the Management Engineering Department including formulation, presentation and management of the departmental operating budget.

Preferred Qualification:

Masterís degree in Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management or MBA. Six (6) years related experience to include approximately two (2) years in a supervisory/administrative capacity (Appendix A).


State Title Code: 3745910

SUNY Title Code: 3525

Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Associate Director of Management Engineering: (SL-5)

Administratively responsible for hiring and supervising the T.H. Management Engineering staff. Recognizes and assesses managerial problems and formulates multi-project objectives; establishes plans and guidelines for study; identified and coordinates the assignment of engineering multi-task studies; synthesizes information; develops recommendations, and prepares or reviews all management engineering reports. Serves as second-in-charge to the Director and assists the Director with the formulation of policies that are departmental or hospital related. Conducts multi-project assignments in the areas of operational audit/analyses, decision support systems, management information systems, and other administrative systems development, management audit and project management. Applies management sciences, operations research, statistics, organizational theory, micro-computer applications, and mainframe report generation capabilities as they relate to facilitating engineering analysis. Devises programs that improve productivity and cost, and quality of service of hospital systems. Updates reimbursement and regulatory agency guidelines as they influence the operations of the hospital to ensure that engineering projects conform with overall hospital objectives.

Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelorís degree in Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management. Five (5) years related experience to include one (1) year in a supervisory/administrative capacity.


State Title Code: 3745410

SUNY Title Code: 3526

Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Senior Management Engineer: (SL-4)

Conducts operational audits/analysis and related projects and develops decision support systems and other administrative support programs for the purposes of improving productivity, administrative control and decision-making, cost and/or quality of service. Evaluates alternative courses of action and develops recommendations based on the synthesis of data and information obtained during the course of the engineering study. Serves as a project manager over professional staff and develops project control mechanisms utilizing specific graphical or charting techniques. Coordinates multi-disciplinary engineering support activities ranging from an advisory or consultation role to project manager. Develops micro-computer based program applications for the purpose of facilitating problem analysis and creating operational alternatives to improve management and operational productivity. Provides engineering reports and supplies the training necessary to implement recommendations documented in the reports. The application of management science, operations research and statistical principles combined with a working knowledge of the interrelationship of hospital departments and systems serves as the general basis for the problem solving approach.

Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelorís degree in Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management. Four (4) years related experience.


State Title Code: 3744412

SUNY Title Code: 3527

Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Management Engineer: (SL-3)

Assists the Management Engineering staff in the performance of operational audits/analyses and development or modification of work procedures specific to hospital systems. Responsible for specific engineering programs and performs all the duties of the T.H. Management Engineering Associate. Prepares project plans under the guidance of the Senior Staff and utilizes computer programming knowledge related to project planning, spreadsheet analysis, statistical analysis, etc. as well as an understanding of basic mainframe report generating capabilities. Maintains decision support, management information and other micro-computer based administrative support programs to improve management and financial control, and decision-making; interacts with medical and administrative support programs to design and/or improve productivity and quality of operational and information systems; synthesizes data and differentiates operational problems during the course of the engineering analyses. Works under direct supervision of the Associate Director.

Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelorís degree in Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management, Management Engineering. Zero (0) to two (2) years experience.


State Title Code: 3744042

SUNY Title Code: 3528

Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Management Engineering Technologist: (SL-2)

Responsible for supporting the data collection, electronic and manual drawings and illustrations, equipment maintenance, and preparation of hospital forms as specified by the engineering staff. Utilizes and is trained in the use of micro-computer tools and data collection mechanisms designed by the engineering staff; applies basics of statistical and cost analysis techniques (bread-even analysis) to support the engineering projects; applies the principles of serviceability, methodology and economics in view of the service requirements with respect to material, equipment and staff resources, and desired quality of service necessary to provide the technological level required by the engineering staff.

Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering Technology, Industrial Management Technology. Zero (0) to two (2) years experience.


State Title Code: 3744043

SUNY Title Code: 3529

Revised: 10/1/87

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