T.H. Nursing

This family represents positions which are both clinical and administrative within nursing.


T.H. Associate Director of Nursing: (SL-6)

Assumes leadership of defined clinical areas or administrative areas to provide comprehensive service to patients and staff. Works closely with Director of Nursing and peer Associate Directors in the planning, operation and evaluation of Nursing Department programs in policy formulation and implementation. Represents Nursing Administration and Hospital in center-wide management committees. Determines numbers and levels of staff needed on nursing units and establishes and maintains a staffing allocation system. Is responsible for the employment, assignment and evaluation of Assistant Nursing Directors and Nurse Administrators. Participates with Personnel and Employee Relations as the Principal Nursing Administrator in incident investigations and in the determination of disciplinary action, grievance responses and responses to external regulatory agencies. Identifies educational needs and participates in providing orientation, inservice, continuing education and special programs for all levels of nursing staff.

Participates with peers and Director of Nursing in setting Nursing Department goals and in evaluating progress. Assists in the preparation of annual budget for Nursing and in the planning, implementation and evaluation of changes/needs in Hospital design, equipment and supplies for assigned clinical areas. Ensures that there are ongoing programs to orient, train and maintain the knowledge base and skills of staff. Develops, implements and evaluates a Quality Assurance program and submits periodic reports to the hospital-wide Quality Assurance Committee and the Director of Nursing.


Preferred Qualifications:

BSN, MS and RN with seven (7) years post licensure experience to include five (5) years progressive management/supervisory experience. (Appendix A)



State Title Code: 3745842

SUNY Title Code: 3625

Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Assistant Director of Nursing: (SL—5)

Incumbents in this position function as day to day general Nursing service administrators responsible for a given unit or across several units on the evening or night shifts. Provides the supervision, guidance and evaluation to nursing personnel. Functions as consultant to staff in the management of emergency patient care or staff problems. Serves as a point of contact for ancillary departments in the provision and evaluation of direct services to patient care units. Function as liaison with medical faculty and community physicians in matters pertaining to clinical practice. Responsible for the hiring, firing and evaluation of nursing personnel.

Interprets hospital policies and procedures to staff. Communicates with the Associate Nursing Directors in the follow-up of identified problems. Assists in the preparation and monitoring of the nursing Budget. As off-shift nursing administrators functions as the representative of hospital administration in such matters as coordinating disasters, handling the Media, resolving visitors/patient problems. Maintains and evaluates Quality Assurance activities and utilizes the results of these monitoring activities to initiate corrective actions and continuing education and skill development of the staff. Adjusts the staffing patterns to reflect the changes in patient acuity levels.

Preferred Qualifications:

BSN and RN with five (5) years post licensure experience to include three (3) years in specialty and two (2) years management/supervisory experience.


State Title Code: 3745840

SUNY Title Code: 3626

Revised: 10/1/87





T.H. Nursing Anesthetist: (SL—4)

Responsible for establishing methods and procedures for the safe handling of anesthesia equipment and drugs from the time of issue through use and disposal; participates in daily departmental activities relating to anesthetic patient care throughout the hospital; administers the induction and maintenance of anesthesia as directed by the anesthesiologist. Maintains adequate inventory of supplies; maintains proper CRNA staffing; represents department on Infection Control Committee; functions as liaison to Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA’s). Lectures to CRNA’s as assigned; chairs CRNA Continuing Education Committee. Indirectly supervised; trains and supervises anesthesia aides in maintenance and sterilization.

Preferred Qualifications:

BSN,CRNA and two (2) years AANA certification. With CRNA background, on-the-job training is sufficient.


State Title Code: 3745500

SUNY Title Code: 0978

Revised: 10/1/87






T.H. Nursing Administrator: (SL-4)

Responsible for the administration and coordination of non-clinical Nursing Administration services such as the staffing function which encompasses the master nursing staffing plan, use of float personnel and the contract agency nursing pool. Administers and develops the recruitment and retention programs to ensure the retention of professional staff and the maintenance of an identifiable applicant pool. Develops and assesses statistical reports to facilitate sound management decisions. Maintains effective coordination of administrative activities to enable the Director of Nursing to interface with internal management staff and participate in extramural activities.

Responsible for such clinical services as organized within a specific department. May assume responsibility for first level management of a given nursing unit. Participates in the development of inservice education programs for staff, including preceptorship of nursing graduate and undergrad students. Directs/coordinates nursing care activities and delivery of direct patient care to maintain clinical competence. Collaborates with nursing and hospital administration on committees and special projects.


Preferred Qualifications:

BSN and RN with three years post licensure acute care experience, one (1) year of which is supervisory/management experience.



State Title Code: 3745530

SUNY Title Code: 3627

Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Nurse Epidemiologist: (SL-4)

Responsible for the daily supervision of infection surveillance and maintenance of all pertinent data. Prepares and provides nosocomial infection reports to the Hospital Epidemiologist, Infection Control Committee and hospital senior management; identifies and reports all required infections to the New York City Health Department; establishes procedures for identifying, monitoring and eliminating infection hazards or potential hazards in the hospital environment; establishes and conducts general and specialized (AIDS) training in infection control for professional and non-professional staff. Assists in the design and conduct of research projects with infection control implications, as appropriate; collaborates with representatives of other disciplines and community agencies on infection control matters and ensures the maintenance of the program of computer storage of nosocomial infection data.


Preferred Qualifications:

MSN and appropriate certification. Three (3) years experience in a well-established program.


State Title Code: 3745510
SUNY Title Code: 3629
Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Nurse Practitioner: (SL-4)

Functions as an independent health care member in providing optimal care to patients, families and groups. Primary responsibilities include teaching, practice, research and consultation. Provides direct care to selected patients in collaboration with the Assistant Director of Nursing and under the clinical supervision of a Physician. Develops and revises standards of nursing performance, identifies structures or processes which impede quality patient care, and suggests and implements innovation to planned changes. Participates in the development, implementation and evaluation of clinically based educational programs, participates in specialty associations for the enhancement of continuing education. Provides consultation to clinical staff regarding the nursing management of acute and chronic patients; works collaboratively with other members of the Nursing Department, other health care professionals and physicians to enhance the quality of patient care outcome.



Preferred Qualifications:

Master's Degree in Nursing and specialty certification. At least two (2) years of experience in professional nursing practice.

State Title Code: 3745520
SUNY Title Code: 3630
Revised: 10/1/87

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