The positions in this job family dispense appropriate doses of drugs to inpatients and outpatients as prescribed by a physician; manufacture sterile and non-sterile prescriptions; deliver drug information and instruction to health care professionals based on pharmacological expertise and the interpretation of Pharmacy policy.

T.H. Director of Pharmacy: (SL-6)

Develops, implements, directs and manages pharmaceutical service programs consistent with the needs of medical staff, patients and the Institution. Controls and is accountable for drug products throughout the hospital; develops and implements, with medical staff participation and approval when required, policies and procedures regarding departmental operations and the criteria for evaluation, selection, preparation, procurement, storage, distribution and all other matters relating to drug use in the hospital. Collaborates in the development and implementation of programs of records and documentation management ensuring Pharmacy activities involving the review, interpretation and therapeutic monitoring of all drug orders, the maintenance of patient medical profiles and participation in patient care. Develops programs to evaluate the effectiveness of drug utilization and departmental function; oversees the preparation of the departmentís budget for staff, supplies and equipment; oversees requisitioning and procurement of supplies and equipment. Ensures the maintenance of departmental practice standards and satisfactory operation of programs; oversees the departmentís inservice training programs for Pharmacy staff, nursing, medical staff and students. Ensures compliance with Hospital policies and procedures, local, state and federal regulations, rules and regulations of the medical staff, mandatory JCAH standards and other regulations as they pertain to Pharmacy operations; develops and maintains effective liaison with all other hospital departments and all appropriate external agencies; maintains the formulary and reference texts and journals; consults with and advises medical staff concerning medications (such as: warnings, incompatibility, contraindications, uses, expenditures, etc.). Participates on various committees (note: e.g., Medical Records Committee, the Nutrition Committee, Medical Audit committee, Infection Control Committee, and the Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee). Functions independently with administrative and Collaborative supervision. Responsible for inservice program and instruction to medical staff, residents, students and staff. Provides administrative supervision to Pharmacy staff.

Preferred Qualifications:

MS or Pharm. D., NYS license, and five (5) years of experience to include three (3) years in a supervisory/administrative capacity or BS plus ten (10) years teaching hospital Pharmacy experience to include three (3) years in a supervisory administrative capacity. (Appendix A)




State Title Code: 3745150

SUNY Title Code: 3690

Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Associate Director of Pharmacy: (SL-5)

Assists the Director of the Pharmacy in the daily operation of the Pharmacy ensuring that all sections of the Pharmacy Department are functioning properly; ensures that all documents related to Pharmacy operations (note: e.g., floor stock sheets and controlled drug sheets, orders and prescriptions) have been computerized, counted and stored as required; ensures that all devices are in working order (note: e.g., pharmaceutical balances, refrigerators, and laminar flow hoods); interprets Pharmacy administrative policies and procedures and makes decisions relative to them; assumes responsibility of Director in his/her abence. Advises the Director of all problems pertaining to the operation of the Pharmacy (note: e.g., specific patient care, drug utilization and materials management); supervises the conduct of departmental studies, and the completion of periodic reports, permit applications and surveys for outside agencies (note: e.g., NYS Department of Health, State Board of Pharmacy); ensures that drug recalls are handled expeditiously, including removal of drug from Pharmacy shelves, and all hospital locations; maintains and develops work schedules for Pharmacy staff. Periodically evaluates performance of subordinates; prepares evaluations of requests to add drugs to the Formulary; disseminates or oversees dissemination of information related to drug therapy and departmental policies and procedures; ensures the proper resolution and reporting of patient and professional staff complaints; coordinates investigational drug studies and oversees staff participation; represents the department on appropriate committees. Studies and modifies work flow patterns; evaluates operating procedures within the Pharmacy; assists in the preparation of the Pharmacy budgets, the purchase of drugs and supplies and maintenance of inventory control records, approves or obtains approval for requisitions and orders for necessary pharmaceuticals and supplies; develops the departments inservice training program; coordinates, and implements programs instituted by the Pharmacy, including training sessions. Ensures repackaged medications are in compliance with departmental requirements, that labeling is accurate and appropriate records are maintained; may ensure compliance with regulations relating to controlled substances and the maintenance of accurate inventories. Reports to the Director of Pharmacy and may supervise the T.H. Senior Pharmacist, T.H. Pharmacist and T.H. Pharmacy Assistant.

Preferred Qualifications:

MS, Pharm. D, or candidates for advanced degree with BS in pharmacy, and NYS license. Three (3) years of hospital Pharmacy experience to include one (1) year in a supervisory/administrative capacity.


State Title Code: 3745151

SUNY Title Code: 3691

Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Senior Pharmacist: (SL-4)

Supervises the preparation and dispensing medications or functions in a clinical specialty area; reviews orders and prescriptions and patient medication profiles and charts to ensure appropriate use of medications in the area of assignment; ensures compliance with departmental policies and procedures; functions as information resource in designated specialized area. May participate in patient nutritional evaluations and rounds; may participate in monitoring patients receiving chemotherapy, may oversee the narcotic drug and controlled drug distribution programs. Ensures the maintenance of records on orders or prescriptions filled, including profiles; oversees drug supply inventories for area of assignments, ensures that all inspections are timely and that findings are handled per departmental policy; participates in investigational drug studies, demonstrates systems and programs to visitors and students. Receives general supervision from the Assistant Director and supervises the T.H. Pharmacists and T.H. Pharmacy Assistants.

Preferred Qualifications:

BS in Pharmacy and NYS license. At least three (3) years related experience in hospital practice.


State Title Code: 3745152

SUNY Title Code: 3692

Revised: 10/1/87


T.H. Pharmacist: (SL-3)

Compounds and dispenses medications and other pharmaceutical supplies, reviews orders and prescriptions for appropriateness and patient safety. Enters medication orders onto medication profiles and updates medication profiles as required; this includes checking for drug interactions, incompatibilities and optimum drug therapy; participates in narcotic drug and controlled drug distribution programs as required; prepares or oversees preparation of parenteral nutrition and other sterile solutions using aseptic techniques; checks medication carts and makes necessary corrections, maintains records of prescriptions or orders filled; provides explanations and directions for proper use of all prescriptions for outpatients. Participates in investigational drug studies, may prepare antineoplastic drug solutions; supplies drug information to physicians, nurses and other members of the health care team; participates in the departments inservice education program. Position is supervised by the T.H. Assistant Director or T.H. Senior Pharmacist and may supervise T.H. Pharmacy Assistants and students. Performs monthly nursing unit inspections as assigned in accordance with J.C.A.H. requirements.

Preferred Qualifications:

BS in Pharmacy and NYS license. One (1) year experience as a Pharmacist.


State Title Code: 3745200

SUNY Title Code: 1010

Revised: 10/1/87


Stand Alone Position:

T.H. Pharmacy Assistant: (SL-1)

Under the direct supervision of the T.H. Pharmacist, the Pharmacy Assistant fills medication orders for a Pharmacist to check before dispensing, and is also responsible for maintaining proper stocks of necessary pharmaceuticals and related supplies. Fills unit-dose carts from Pharmacy patient printouts, orders or medication fill lists; aseptically prepares sterile solutions for parenteral administration and accurately labels the same under Pharmacist supervision; accurately calculates and prepares drugs in dispensing areas to ensure stock is not expired or deteriorated; prepares laminar flow hoods for use each day and maintains proper sterile conditions; performs daily inventory of drugs stocked in dispensing and prepares requisitions for needed items; assumes additional duties as assigned.

Preferred Qualifications:

AA degree, completion of military or other formal pharmacy technician training program.


State Title Code: 3745100

SUNY Title Code: 1011

Revised: 10/1/87



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