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As we consider a reopening of SUNY campuses across the state, we must prioritize the health and safety of our students, our members, and our communities. We have watched the devastating impacts of the coronavirus on our state and nation, and UUP members have been caring for patients on the frontlines of the pandemic at hospitals in Brooklyn, Stony Brook, Syracuse and Buffalo, putting their own health and the health of their families at risk.

The reopening plans being released by campuses do not go far enough to protect our communities and abandon the consistent messaging of Governor Cuomo and Dr. Zucker that we have heard for five months. In order to re-open our campuses, our economy, our way of life, we need four basic systems in place:

  • Baseline and Surveillance Testing
  • Contact Tracing
  • Mandated Mask Wearing & Social Distancing
  • Extension of the NYS/UUP Telecommuting Pilot Program

It is time to demand the safety of our students, our members, and our communities. Join us for a virtual rally on August 5 and take action below.


Send a letter demanding a safe reopening of SUNY!

Send a letter to Governor Cuomo HERE

Send a letter to your State Legislators HERE


Other Actions

Join us in the social media call for a safe reopening of SUNY. Use UUP’s social media toolkit, which includes sample graphics and posts as starting points to invite your social media network to join our fight.

Send a letter to the editor. Sample letters can be found here and here. More information about submitting letters to the editors can be found here


UUP members, legislators, students, and community leaders will demand a safe reopening of SUNY that includes testing, contact tracing, mask-wearing, social distancing, and telecommuting. Register here.

Our voices must be heard! Share your message of concern for our SUNY community health & safety!

  • Join the crowd: Add your photo and provide a statement on why you plan on attending the Aug 5th virtual rally for a safe reopening of SUNY! Photos will be collected on the rally page, so that you can "meet" people in the virtual crowd and learn why they are participating. Submit photos here.
  • Share a video testimonial on why a safe SUNY reopening is important to you and you community. Record a short video and add your voice to the thousands of UUP members calling for testing, contact tracing, mask-wearing, social distancing, and telecommuting. Submit videos here.

Meet the crowd!

Meet fellow rally participants and learn why they are attending the Virtual Rally for a Safe SUNY Reopening.

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