2018 Statewide Election Statements

      Delegates to the 2018 Spring Delegate Assembly, set for May 4-5 at The Desmond in Albany, will elect eight statewide union leaders. Elections will be held for the offices of vice president for professionals, vice president for academics and six Executive Board seats.

      If the membership ratio of academics to professionals remains the same as the present ratio, of the eight people to be elected, four must be academics and four must be professionals. If the ratio changes, the elections will be adjusted accordingly.

      In accordance with union policy, candidates running for statewide elective positions are entitled to have statements and a photograph printed in The Voice, which is distributed to all bargaining unit members.

      Statements longer than 500 words are set in smaller type to ensure fairness for all candidates. The statements are printed as received, with minor editing for consistency of style.

      The following are statements and photographs of those union candidates who chose to submit them.

      For Vice President for Professionals

      Thomas J. Tucker, Buffalo Center

      Thomas J. Tucker, Buffalo Center

      It’s hard to believe that it was a year ago that I had asked you to support me in my candidacy for Vice President for Professionals. Where did the time go? Well, they say that time goes by fast when you’re having fun!

      I’d like to thank everyone for all their support over this past year. Working with our great staff and my fellow officers has made this difficult work much easier.

      Though it’s only been a year, I feel that we have accomplished a lot. As officers, we have the responsibility to oversee certain departments. One of my departments is Political Action/Legislation, an area that I have been deeply involved in for years. After discussions with our legislative staff, it was clear that we needed to improve our Outreach structure.

      To accomplish that, I formulated a UUP “Army of Activists.” It’s a system that gives us the ability to organize our volunteers with the stroke of a key. The system we’ve built lets us communicate with one chapter, several chapters, or all of our chapters at once. A built-in accountability process allows us to generate a report on political activities around the state. This will help us get a better handle on where we are doing well and where we need to improve.

      I also oversee Member Benefits, an area that’s so important to our members. Working with our director of benefits, we now offer a new mortgage benefit to our members. We’ve also launched a Benefits Day tour, which has bought—and will bring—our Benefits team and our many vendors to every campus. It’s a great opportunity to showcase our benefits and answer any questions or concerns members might have. It’s another reason why they should be sticking with the union.

      Last, but certainly not least, is my responsibility to my fellow professionals. I have been working on how we can better communicate with each other. I’ve continued my monthly phone conversations with VPPs. It’s very helpful to hear from each other and talk about what’s going on at their campus. I’m planning to set up an electronic forum such as Dropbox as another way to share issues and concerns. We’re establishing a professional concerns committee, which gives professionals on your campus another way to communicate their issues. I’m also working with the chapters on developing workshops throughout the year.

      Our union will be facing many future challenges. I will tell you this: I know UUP will survive our current challenges, and any attempts to defeat us. Failure is not an option. With the commitment of UUP’s current leadership, we are stronger than the forces that want to take us down. That’s why I am asking for your support in my reelection. I want to be a part of the team that moves the labor movement forward.

      Thank you once again for your confidence in me and I thank you in advance for your support.

      For Vice President for Academics

      Jamie Dangler, Cortland

      Jamie F. Dangler, Cortland

      It has been an honor to serve as UUP’s Vice President for Academics and I ask you to support my candidacy for another term. My work in this position has grown steadily and I have more to do to support our members through the challenging times ahead.

      Over the last two years my approach to combine issue-focused membership development with efforts to solve problems and develop new initiatives has been expanded within UUP’s overall member engagement activities. The daily work we do to represent our members and protect their terms and conditions of employment is connected with organizing members for more active participation in our union.

      I will continue to work with you to address statewide and campus-based concerns. Among them are low wages and salary inequity, the erosion of tenure and expansion of contingent employment, appropriation of our intellectual property, erosion of faculty oversight of college curriculum, attacks on teacher education and the teaching profession, workload creep, and declining state support for SUNY’s campuses and public hospitals.

      I will stand with you as we protect our right to unionize and work together to secure the conditions needed to keep SUNY working in service to our students and communities.

      If re-elected I will continue to help facilitate UUP’s coalition building, stand by you as an advocate at your campuses, fight for public education funding, and press for sound education policies before the legislature, Board of Regents, and the State Education Department.

      I welcome the opportunity to continue the work I am immersed in for another term and ask for your support in the coming election.

      For Executive Board

      Ray Gleason, Alfred

      Ray D. Gleason, Alfred

      Hello All,

      Hello. My name is Ray Gleason, a UUP member at Alfred State College. I am running for an at-large professional seat on the Executive Board of United University Professions.

      During my tenure serving on the UUP Executive Board, our union members have been forced to weather many and varied storms hurled against them that have threatened the quality of our educational system and the livelihoods of our members. Throughout these tumultuous times the UUP Executive Board, under the guidance of the union’s officers and delegates, has aggressively stood as a bulwark to protect our members from the fury of those tempests. I am proud to say that I have been one of those active Executive Board members working to support our union and what it stands for.

      Now we are faced with what I believe is the greatest threat to the existence of public unions in our lifetime. With the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Janus, which does not look promising, UUP will be faced with countless decisions on how this union is to move forward. What the future holds for us depends on decisions and actions taken now and in coming days and beyond by our union leadership, with the Executive Board playing a pivotal role.

      I have been an active, participating member of the UUP Executive Board for eight years, diligently serving UUP and its members.

      Currently, I serve on the Outreach Committee and am liaison to the Tech Sector and Veterans Affairs committees. I am also a delegate to NYSUT and AFT.

      My other activities with UUP involve participating in both regional and state advocacy by taking UUP’s message to our state legislators.

      I take my union responsibilities seriously and, if reelected to the UUP Executive Board, promise to continue to serve our union and its members to the best of my ability.

      Thank you for your vote.

      W. Kim Hartshorn, Plattsburgh

      W. Kim Hartshorn, Plattsburgh

      I am Kim Hartshorn from the Plattsburgh Chapter, an academic member teaching in my 30th year in the department of theatre. I am also serving in my first term as chapter president after three terms as chapter VP for academics.

      I am completing my first term as a member of the statewide Executive Board and I am asking for your support to elect me to a second term.

      I believe it is important, even incumbent, upon our members, but certainly upon myself, to answer the call to service for the benefit of our colleagues, our students and our brothers and sisters in labor. The work we do is vital to the greater good and I pledge my continued labor on your behalf.

      Carolyn Kube, Stony Brook HSC

      Carolyn S. Kube, Stony Brook HSC

      I am Carolyn Kube from Stony Brook HSC. I am running for a Professional seat on the statewide Executive Board.

      I seek election to the board because I am not afraid of the challenges that UUP faces today. With the Janus decision looming, I feel that my years of experience as a UUP leader is extremely important to the balance of our Executive Board.

      Never has it been more important for our union to stand in solidarity to turn aside these challenges. I am committed to growing the membership at my chapter as well as the membership at large.

      I am honored and proud to be serving on my third Negotiation Team. As I serve on the team I represent all members of our union, but I bring a unique skillset. I am the only member from an HSC chapter with clinical experience. That clinical experience speaks to members who work variable shifts, on call and holidays. I also bring that skillset to the executive board. As an experienced member of the board, I understand completely the fiduciary responsibility of the board to review audits and fiscal policies, to ensure the financial stability of UUP for years to come. I have always believed it is important to consult with delegates and chapter presidents to fully understand the issues that come before the board in order to make an informed vote.

      I also believe we need to support our chapters and have strong relationships with our affiliates. We need to spend significant time towards advocacy to ensure state funding to keep our medical centers running and our campuses open.

      I now serve as a chapter President of a large academic medical center and I realize that UUP needs to prove its relevance to our membership. I also value the need for communication and correct information reaching our membership, this will be vitally important in our fight against Janus. I have spoken truth to power as the president of the chapter and I have found creative ways to solve issues my members face. This experience helps all as the members of the board brainstorm new ways to engage our membership like never before and prepare a course for UUP post Janus.

      I have co-chaired the Contingent Employment Committee for four years and during my tenure the committee fulfilled the strategic plan. The chapters and committee working together were able to present four constitutional amendments that originated from the TFCE to the floor that were unanimously passed by the delegation. The increasing casualization of academe is a very real and serious threat to the institution of tenure itself.

      I am not afraid to do my best to remain informed, serve and advise the president of UUP to make the vital decisions that affect UUP today and shape UUP for tomorrow.

      I thank you all for your constant education and support. It has been on honor to serve and I ask for your vote so I can continue to serve you.


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