Contingent Employment Resources

The UUP Constitution defines contingent academics as “those persons appointed to any academic position which does not prescribe eligibility for continuing appointment [tenure].” It defines contingent professionals as “those persons appointed to any professional position which does not prescribe eligibility for permanent appointment [permanence].” (UUP Constitution, Article III, Sec. 2). Both part-time and full-time employees can be employed in positions that are not eligible for “tenure.”

UUP Campus Equity Week 2021

Ideas and tools for campus education, engagement and activism

Campus Equity Week (CEW) is a national week of action to bring attention to the issues and concerns of part-time and full-time contingent employees. This year, CEW events will take place Oct. 25-29. This is a great opportunity for the campus community (faculty, staff, students and administrators) to share and amplify our concerns and issues before the budget and legislative process begins. The “21 Ideas for Chapter Action” list below was compiled from the Contingent Employment Committee’s (CEC) brainstorming and information sharing at a September retreat. Also, many of the following resources were created and compiled under the direction of the CEC.

Below is a list of the Toolkit's contents:

21 Ideas for Chapter Action

Social Media Materials and Sample Posts

Fillable fliers to announce chapter events:


  • Faculty learning conditions = Student learning conditions
  • I fight for campus equity because...
  • I fight for my contingent colleagues because...
  • Poster: Adjunct Office Space—Campus Equity Now

    Sample Certificate of Recognition for Contingent Employees

    Blank UUP Certificate

    Downloadable Graphics

    Flier: Contingent Employment at SUNY—By the Numbers

    Flier: Contract Gains for Contingent Employees Over Time

    Flier: Unemployment Insurance—UUP Fact Sheet

    Flier: UUP Fact Sheet for Part Time Employees

    Flier: Part-time/Full-time Contingent Employees: Know Your Contract Rights and Benefits

    Flier: Grants & Professional Development Guide

    Flier: Negotiated Flex Spending Accounts

    UUP Position Statement on Contingent Employment

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